Hayley Hasselhoff x Elvi Collection

Having already carved out a name for herself in the modelling world, Hayley Hasselhoff has now turned her hand to design. We caught up with the star to discuss her debut line, amongst other pressing matters, like how does her skin always look so dewy and perfect and what series is she binge watching on Netflix. We got the answers.

Editor: Sarah Ridge

We love Hayley Hasselhoff and we love clothes. Fact. So when we heard the model had hooked up with plus size label Elvi to design a collection there were actual fist pumps in the office. Inspired by her own signature style, the stunning range is the perfect balance of sophisticated and sexy – think sharp tailoring, minimalist cuts and free flowing shapes that drape just so. In the run up to the launch we managed to catch the lady in question to find out a little more about the designs, her secret to flawless skin and what Netflix series has her glued to the screen.

Your style always looks very much timeless – simple and sophisticated – with the emphasis on investment pieces, is this reflected in your collection?

Definitely. The inspiration from my collection came a lot from my own personal style. The knowledge I’ve gained over the years of the fabrics I’ve found are best for a curvy figure and the ones to stay away from was highly applied in this collection. I wanted to give plus girls the opportunity to buy quality pieces that are tailored to perfection, while still achieving a layered look. Sophisticated but sexy while being covered up, is what I feel most confident in. I wanted to give that opportunity to plus girls to experiment with different ways to feel sexy. The coats are the statement pieces in the collection that I truly believe are timeless and can easily make a simple outfit something instantly chic/cool. Minimalistic is something I subconsciously live by, I always gravitate towards co-ords and keep it clean. A minimalistic style I think achieves a sharpness to the power beyond the look.


What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

Well now that’s a tricky one because it’s constantly changing. I feel like I mastered having a look in the collection for every occasion or at least in the way I would style myself for every occasion. So it changes with where I am going next. One of my favorite full looks in the collection, that I cant wait to wear is the silk navy bias cut skirt and knitted jumper. I designed the skirt to be just a bit longer than floor length, so when you walk you feel the weight and presence. The skirt has pockets, which achieves such a cool/casual vibe. I love the way the jumper sits over the skirt, especially when you have your hands in the pockets and it casually slouches up achieving the perfect effortless look.

You once said ‘fashion is an expression of you without speaking’ can you explain…

Fashion allows you to represent who you are or want to be in that moment without speaking. The reflection of how an outfit can give you a presence, power etc. can be striking. It’s like when someone says look sharp/sophisticated walking into a job interview because the clothes will reflect people’s perception of who you are especially within an initial meeting. So living your life while expressing your idea of who you are on that day with what you wear I think is one of the coolest ideas yet. I believe the way you put yourself together really says a lot of who you are as a person. The availability we have as people to use fashion as self-expression that our bodies are the canvas and garments are the oils. It’s all so beautifully fascinating if you allow it to be. When you think about it we are all creative beings, no matter if you think you are into fashion or not. You use the way you dress in the morning to express yourself. It’s only when you choose to dive in with imagination you allow greatness to happen.

What’s your top fashion tip to looking great?

The right undergarments. Undergarments are so important to allow the garment to lie nicely over your figure. Invest in some good shapewear and go for a bra fitting (you’d be surprised with how many girls are wearing the wrong size). With embellished or body con garments, it’s essential to wear shapewear to smooth everything out and allow the garment to do what it was designed to do.

Last time we caught up with you, you told us you were looking to do more acting and fashion illustration. Have you managed to fit this in to your hectic schedule?

I have indeed in the past two months, while I’ve been waiting for the collection to launch. I’m always jumping back into classes, to strengthen my craft is very important to me. I have been purely focused on acting and have had some really amazing opportunities. I was able to take nighttime fashion illustration classes, but of course always have more I can approve on. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Your skin and make-up always looks flawless. What are your beauty secrets?

Thank you! I think hydrating is my top beauty tip. Using hydrating moisturiser, hydrating mist, and a hydrating mask.


Do you have a signature scent?

Always something sensually floral. I tend to go for Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Princess by Vera Wang.

What’s the last book you read?

The Dude and the Zen Master by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman.

What’s your current Netflix obsession?

Grace and Frankie.


You’ve achieved your ambition of designing your own collection, what next?

Well I’m currently working on SS17 in the UK. But I hope to say by next year that I am either working on a new film or have a TV show coming out. At the moment I have a list of ambitions, some of which I feel are better to keep under wraps until the secrets can be revealed. But there are a lot of surprises to be released in the next months and can’t wait to get your take on them, so you’ll have to stay tuned!

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