Tall & petite sizes

After countless requests, we’re delighted to announce Manon Baptiste have now introduced tall and petite sizes in six of their best-selling styles. And, who better to ask to model the new pieces than our warehouse manager Verena who is 5”10’ and buying assistant Lisa who is 5”1’.

Editor: Anna Geradts

Meet Lisa

Lisa’s height: 5’1”

26-year-old buying assistant at navabi. She’s 100% German, but adores everything Italian – particularly how warm the people are. If she could only eat two things for the rest of her life they would be chocolate and salami (often together). She secretly likes to observe people. How they move and interact inspires her to think about the way she is around others. She’s a firm believer in seeing the good in everything and follows the mantra, keep your thoughts positive and you will face every challenge with strength.

Meet Verena

Verena’s height: 5’10”

The 32-year-old mum loves fashion and the fact that she can touch every new item that arrives in the navabi warehouse. In her free time she likes to travel and Trinidad & Tobago, where she honeymooned, is her favourite place on earth – at least that she’s visited so far. When she’s not working, she enjoys BBQs with her husband and daughter. Her favourite smell is that of a freshly mown lawn and you can always spot her wearing her signature scarf – no matter what season.

Always your perfect length

Women’s petite sizes

Specially designed for women 5’’6’ and under.

  • Perfectly proportioned sleeves (roll the cuffs to show off the pretty lining).
  • Hems hit your ankles, not the floor.
  • The skirts and dress always end at your knees.

Lisa is wearing the collection in a size 14 petite.



Tall sizes

Specially designed for women 5’’9’ and over.

  • Longer sleeves for your taller frame
  • No more trousers at half-mast!
  • The skirts and the dress end exactly below your knees

Verena is wearing the collection in size 22 tall.



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Anna Geradts

Editor: Anna Geradts

Head of content at navabi. Born fashionista and world wanderer. Loves the sea, exotic climes and discovering hidden places.

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